Sunday, July 26, 2009

Grab It Graphics

I have graphics on my blog but decided I need to put graphics that I make strictly on their own blog. So here they are. Anybody is welcome to take whatever they like. Just don't claim that you made them . A comment when you take one would be welcome but isn't necessary.


  1. Cool idea to have a separate blog for graphics!

    You know I think your graphics are fantastic! I owe so much for helping me make my blog as wonderful as it is!

    Thaks again, Karen!

    PS...Darn, Lori beat me here :o)

  2. Thanks Kathy and Lori for following me here too. I appreciate all the compliments Kathy. You're blog would be wonderful without any graphics from me though. Opinion please ladies? Leave my page minima so the graphics stand out or should I choose a background?

  3. I think just a plain color background would look good. Just a little something. You're right, though, you want your graphics to stand out.

  4. Thanks Kathy. I'll have to play around and see what comes up. :)